Stinging Insects



Bees in Chimney Cavity

Bees in Chimney Cavity

ALL OUT Wildlife Control can expertly and safely remove your stinging insect problems. We take extra pains to make sure that your problem is solved for good. Many people who try do-it-yourself remedies only add to the problem.  Remember, a clumsily-handled colony of hundreds or thousands of little stingers can put you in the hospital—or worse if you are allergic to stings. Let us get ‘em ALL OUT!

Hornets—we use a special technique that kills the entire nest in a matter of minutes.  We then remove the nest and the dead hornets.

Yellow jackets-they nest in the ground, tie walls, stone walls, hollow trees, etc.  We have a very effective apicide (stinging insect killer) that will eliminate the entire colony.

Honeybees-are quite beneficial to the ecosystem, and vital pollinators for many crops.  ALL OUT Wildlife Control has a proven, live removal method that extracts the colony from its hive without destroying it. Of course, if lethal means are needed, we are fully equipped and able to do this also.  If a honeybee swarm is the problem, we will provide live or lethal removal.

A special note on honeybee removal: Sometimes, removal of the bees is only the first step.  As you probably know, a honeybee hive consists of adult bees and their honeycomb, which is honey in wax cells. This honeycomb can weigh several hundred pounds!  If this honeycomb is in a building, it is extremely important that it be removed. We at ALL OUT Wildlife Control have the necessary specialized tools and experience at removal of the honeycomb and prevention of future problems.



Carpenter bees- will make holes in fences, decks, wood siding—nearly any dead wood.  Often, the wood surface is shredded by woodpeckers going after the eggs or larvae that the bees place in the wood.  We treat carpenter bee problems by treating the individual holes, and can add a preventative treatment to prevent future infestations.

Bald Faced Hornet's nest

Bald Faced Hornet’s nest

Paper and mud dauber wasps-everybody has seen the myriad forms of nests that mud dauber wasps make.  Paper wasps are very familiar also—they are the summertime, multi-cell grey clusters under decks, overhangs, attic vents—anywhere that’s out of the rain.  These wasps can be extremely aggressive!  As with hornets, the wasps are killed and the nests are removed.

Bumblebees- nest in compost piles, very thick, tall grass, hollow trees.  Control is as with hornets.

Cicada killers- this very large (1 ¾”) wasp nests in the ground and is capable of carrying a full-grown cicada. Once you’ve seen a cicada killer at work, you will never forget it!  ALL OUT Wildlife Control does a complete survey of the area and treats all nests.

There are several less-common bees and wasps in St. Louis and surrounding areas, and we provide control for them all.

Don’t risk a trip to the hospital! Let ALL OUT Wildlife Control get ‘em ALL OUT!