Squirrel Control

Squirrels nested in this cable junction box on a house

That noise in your attic could be a squirrel.

Squirrels are rodents and they chew everything they can–including your home and electrical wiring. We have 25 years’ experience removing squirrels from homes.

If you hear noises in your attic (such as scrabbling or running), call ALL OUT to find out if you have a squirrel.

We have a unique cost saving solution for your squirrel problem. Other companies brag about catching 11 or 12 squirrels out of an attic. You probably don’t have 12 squirrels living in your attic! Our average is below 2 squirrels caught per job. There’s a good reason for this:

Our proven system intercepts the squirrels rather than trying to attract them to a trap. We catch ONLY the squirrels that live in your attic—we are not interested in a body count. This helps keep your costs low, while effectively solving your problem.

We had a long dry spell, and this squirrel (bottom center) raised a litter in the gutter. We’d never seen that before!

We want your squirrels ALL OUT–for good!

  • ALL OUT Wildlife Control uses only professional series traps.
  • We do not randomly trap; rather, we INTERCEPT the squirrels that are nesting in your building. We catch ONLY the squirrels that are your problem.
  • We offer a three-year, no-strings-attached warranty that can be renewed.
  • ALL OUT Wildlife Control uses the latest techniques in trapping and tracking squirrels.

ALL OUT Wildlife Control services the metropolitan St. Louis area, including surrounding counties.

Our Exclusion (entry repair) is always done to applicable building codes, is weatherproof and guaranteed for five years against animal re-entry.

Occasionally customers will ask if they should put mothballs in the attic as a repellent. The answer is NO. This is an illegal and ineffective method, and mothballs are a carcinogen. Let ALL OUT get the squirrels all out! (And try cedar blocks for your sweaters–they are non-toxic and smell good.)

BEFORE: Gable entered by squirrels

BEFORE: Gable entered by squirrels

AFTER:ALL OUT fixed it!

AFTER: ALL OUT fixed it! We replaced the entire vent, then installed a screen.