Skunk Control

Do you see a skunk going into a hole it dug under your front porch? ALL OUT Wildlife Control has effective methods for removing those little stinkers! We live trap them with a no-spray warranty. In about 80% of our skunk removals, they are burrowing under a structure (porch slab, shed, or wooden porch). We can give you permanent peace of mind by burrow-proofing these areas, with a five-year warranty against re-entry. We also offer deodorizing services.

Typical Skunk

The skunk is famous for its ability to spray up to twenty feet! Fresh skunk spray has an odor similar to burning rubber. If it gets in your eyes it can cause intense pain and a fleeting loss of vision. Skunks have very short legs and can’t move very fast, so if they’re threatened they will stand their ground and let fly.

ALL OUT Wildlife Control has a recipe for a skunk-fluid neutralizing wash that can be made from commonly-available ingredients.

Little-known fact– The Striped Skunk is the main carrier of rabies in the U.S.A. Its chief predator is the Great Horned Owl. The owl has almost no sense of smell and doesn’t mind the odor.

NOT a good combination–and the dog is usually the loser! If your dog is “skunked”, our “skunk wash” will remove the worst of the smell. You may have to bathe your dog two or three times. When you finish this task, call ALL OUT to remove the skunk!

Skunk Tracks
Do you see this in your yard?– The skunk leaves a distinct pattern which is easily identified. The smaller front feet are pigeon-toed and placed just ahead of the larger rear feet while in motion. This five-toed creature has long claws which are usually evident in the print.