Raccoon Control

Dave reunited these approximately 2-week old kits with their mother. The family was living in a customer's St. Louis County attic.

ALL OUT reunited these approximately 2-week old kits with their mother. The family was living in a customer’s attic.

Adult Raccoon

ALL OUT Wildlife Control has developed a targeted system for removal of problem raccoons in any situation. Our techniques enable us to catch ONLY the animals that are your problem, keeping your costs low. It is important to know that trapping the raccoons you see is only part of the solution. We are very experienced at dealing with all the problems that raccoons cause. We repair the entry hole with a five-year warranty. In 20+ years of raccoon-proofing, we have never had a raccoon re-enter through our repairs. Additionally, the removal of raccoons’ droppings is often recommended due to the likelihood of dangerous raccoon roundworm eggs in the droppings.

The raccoon is a medium-sized, stocky animal with a prominent black “mask” across the eyes, a long bushy tail with black rings, broad head, pointed muzzle and short pointed ears.  Front paws resemble human hands and are very dexterous, enabling the raccoon to grasp tightly and open mussels or other interesting items (like garbage cans).

Raccoons are primarily nocturnal, so you are much more likely to hear from them at night. They prefer to live in tree hollows, abandoned buildings, barns, or old woodchuck burrows, BUT will happily move into your attic! Raccoons do not hibernate, but may “hole up” for a few days during harsh winter weather.

They are capable of doing incredible damage and are extremely tough (we describe them to customers as ‘four-legged Green Berets with chainsaws’). Like any other mammal, they look for shelter and food, and human garbage is a great source of food for them.  Putting a lid on your trash won’t work. They can remove it as easily as you can.

Raccoons can be cute, especially as kits, but DO NOT approach them. They prefer to run or hide when confronted, but will fight viciously when cornered. If a raccoon is acting docile or “tame,”, it is probably sick. Call ALL OUT!

Do not handle raccoon droppings with bare hands–or another good reason to hire a wildlife control professional:

It is important that people know how dangerous raccoon stool is if the raccoon is infected with the Baylisascaris roundworm. This is a common parasite of raccoons; some areas of the country have a 70 to 100 percent prevalence rate in raccoons. ALL OUT can remove the waste and treat the area when we complete our service.

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