Mouse Control

Rat Traps

    At ALL OUT Wildlife Control, LLC, the only thing we like about mice and rats is removing them from your home!

    We offer a double warranty for our exclusion and removal of rodents.

    Mice and rats are the most destructive vertebrates in the world. Mice are rodents, and what they do best is chew and reproduce. Did we mention chew? A mouse can chew through electrical wires and cause a fire hazard, not to mention the destruction of a pantry of food with their snacking and defecation. White-footed mice can carry the bacteria that cause Lyme disease. For all these reasons and more, mice are unwelcome guests. We want to get them ALL OUT!

    ALL OUT will inspect your home or business and determine how and why mice are getting in. We offer several options for mouse and rat control. We will also advise customers of steps they can take to make the area less attractive to rodents.

    We also have a botanical repellent that works well in enclosed spaces. It has a smell that humans like but rodents do not!

    We service the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area, including surrounding counties. Forget the broom and chair–if you see a mouse, call us!

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