Armadillo Control

We captured this armadillo LIVE in the St. Louis area.

We captured this armadillo LIVE in the St. Louis area.

Typical Armadillo

Armadillo Removal Near St Louis MO

Residents will probably see this relative of sloths and anteaters as road kill before they will see one in their gardens. However, in recent years the Nine-Banded Armadillo (the only armadillo whose population is not threatened by humans, habitat loss and domestic animals) has increased in population and is moving west and north of its original habitat of the near southwestern United States.

Armadillos now live in the Missouri counties of Jefferson and Franklin.

At first glance the armadillo might be mistaken for an opossum or a raccoon, but the bands on its shell will quickly identify it. Armadillos are mostly nocturnal, but they have been sighted in daylight in Jefferson County. They like water and may live near a creek or small river.

Armadillos are not aggressive and will probably scuttle away from a human or house pet.

What makes this animal “nuisance wildlife”? Primarily its eating habits. Armadillos dig and eat plants, and can wreak havoc on a farmer’s crop or a homeowner’s garden.

Due to their low body temperature and poor immune system, armadillos can suffer from many infectious diseases, including leprosy.